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It doesn't get any finer than this - family friends and, at the lively center of your outdoor living environment, the world's finest built-in grill.

Fire Magic® Echelon Series

The Echelon Collection is a gas grill of superior design and engineering. Crafted for cooking versatility, performance and durability to provide everything a gourmet chef could desire.

Fire Magic® Aurora Series

This is the Aurora Collection - Cast the stunning light of Fire Magic onto your patio, backyard or outdoor kitchen with the Aurora Collection of Premium Built-in Grils.

Fire Magic® Legacy Series

For those who prefer the classic features of Fire Magic, we offer our Legancy Series of grills. The drop-in grill is a unique design exclusive to Fire Magic. We have two sizes, The Regal (30x18) and the Deluxe (23x16).

Fire Magic® Charcoal Series

This is the Legacy Collection - For those who prefer to grill with chatcoal, we offer four models to choose from. The Gourmet Stainless Steel for built-in or portable use in two sizes. The Firemaste and Lift-a-Fire are both for bult-in use, with a black powder-coated finish.


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